Girls Know What Bags Fit Your Personality

By looking at the bag that hangs on a lady’s shoulder, a lot can be told about your personality. Some bags would show that you prefer stability while some bags are preferred by people who like to make wild memories.  

Below is what the bags that you are wearing tell about you.

1. Tote lovers are opinionated and steadfast

Are you one of the people who love being strongly opinionated? Are you self-driven, opinionated, and a goal setter? Then a tote bag is best for you. You have myriad things to juggle in your life and a tote bag provides enough space for you to carry the things that matter the most to you. Tote bags have been preferred by women who are very organized, and who are not afraid to take their stand regarding the strong beliefs which they may have.

2. Backpack wearers seek adventure

If you are an adventure seeker who likes traveling around the world with a few basic items, then having a backpack will be part of your daily routine. Comfort, as well as style, is your main mantra. Women that love their handbags love the hands-free lifestyle that a backpack offers while not compromising on the fashion statement which they would like to make. These ladies also value reliability and quite some sense of belonging, so having a backpack provides a close companion which can guarantee a fun-filled adventure.

3. Cross-body fans don’t need to carry a million products

A bag should be big enough to carry the basic things that you need such as keys, wallet, phone, and something else that you may consider to be a necessity. You should know that less is more, so boldness and subtleness are some of the characteristics that you will use to define the type of bag that will suit your needs. With a crossbody, you are not bogged down, and you can still make an impression that you are constantly on the move.

4. Wallet carriers never expect the worst

Anytime you leave the house, you would assume that a wallet is all that you want. You are upbeat and expect that nothing will ever go wrong. While this makes you feel good while going about your daily chores, it makes you look unprepared especially when accidents happen.

5. Briefcase wearers are confident and determined

Although most people think that briefcases are specifically designed for men, the truth is that it’s best for certain women. After all, as a busy woman that has a sense of direction, you will be relying on that briefcase to ensure that your professional life is kept in order. You are a woman with many things to do and many people to meet. Any person who is not able to understand your determination may step aside. If you want to remain organized and be more productive, you should throw those things that you are packing up into a briefcase.

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A bag is part of a girl’s daily routine, and the bag that you use can tell a lot about your personality. From tote users to backpackers and anything between, these bags always have a lot to say about the personality of the users.

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