Fashion Nova Keeps Growing – Why The Brand Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Since its inception as a retail store in 2006 and then the launch of their e-commerce store in 2013, Fashion Nova has continued to grow and to break the boundaries set by more mundane fashion brands.

For a start, its very beginnings were different and set it apart – aiming to fill a gap in the market where women looking for specific clubwear in a variety of sizes simply weren’t being catered to by other brands.

The Fashion Nova stores in LA were already hugely popular when the brand launched its e-commerce store and thanks to Fashion Nova’s innovative approach to influencer marketing, the e-commerce store soon followed suit as people flocked to buy their outstanding fashions at affordable price points.

Fashion Nova’s Instagram has literally millions of followers and the brand also employs the services of thousands of influencers who share their hottest trends on their own accounts.

This way of marketing was very, very new when Fashion Nova started it – and they were indeed among the first pioneers of influencer marketing.

With many influencers both famous and ordinary people, Fashion Nova understands where to reach it’s audience and how best to do it.

It continues to be one of their biggest weapons in the battle of the online retailers of affordable fashion.

One of Fashion Nova’s other big selling points is the undeniable fact that their lines are so current they’re hard to replicate. No other brands manage to achieve this and it’s all down to their strong grasp of what their audience like to wear and what’s on the runway.

The company employs over 600 Americans in various positions and is constantly hiring more help.

The growth of Fashion Nova has been remarkable and it’s apparent in their advertisements for employees which are always to be found online and in growing numbers. But that doesn’t mean their current employees don’t stick around for a long time – they most certainly do! Many Fashion Nova employees speak about what a great experience it is to work for the company and of the many benefits offered.

Reviews from employees both former and current are overwhelmingly positive and outline the advantages of working for the company.

Here are just a few.

Former Package Handler at Santa Fe Springs

“I loved this job the co-workers are nice the people are nice

I’m used to standing long period of time

Everyone is nice at fashion nova

Sometimes you get tired standing long but it’s worth the stand.

Honestly everyone you meet you get to chat with them Spanish and English

If anybody wants to work here than this is the job for you.”

Customer Care Advocate at Santa Fe Springs

We have good customer service and the company thinks about the customers.

They try their best to work around your schedule.

Call Center Agent /Customer Service Representative at San Pedro Sula

They motivate you to reach the goal to produce and add extra income in your salary. Monthly base bonus, a very nice environment to work and people always willing to help you.

Fashion Nova Offer Employs far more than health insurance and benefits

There’s a consistent effort to ensure employees are happy and feel like part of a family. This is evident in the list of benefits offered on a typical Fashion Nova job advertisement.

  • Employee Discount
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • 401k Match
  • Kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks
  • Weekly catered food, fun events, raffles and free FN swag
  • Summer Fridays at HQ
  • Company Sponsored Parties
  • Team bonding events and programs to strengthen relationships with co-workers

It’s this range of benefits which truly make for happy employees, offering far more than the basics but genuinely fun extra social events, free gifts and team bonding all make a huge difference to the day-to-day lives of an employee and Fashion Nova know this and are obviously a company which highly values their employees.

A constant stream of new opportunities thanks to Fashion Nova’s growth

Fashion Nova have never been this busy! The huge growth of the company means that expansion is inevitable and there are currently many, many positions open for application.

This is set to increase even more as Fashion Nova continues to expand to fulfil the enormous demand for their popular clothing lines.

With vacancies in a huge variety of departments, there’s always something popping up for anyone who is ambitious and keen to work in the fashion industry.

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What makes Fashion Nova special?

Fashion Nova is the fashion brand that took the world by storm when it expanded from its original clothing stores in Southern California to open an e-commerce store in 2013.

Taking popular fashion by storm, Fashion Nova filled the space left empty by other retailers and provided their audience with what they wanted – unashamedly sexy, on-trend clubwear and casual wear.

With a new approach to marketing, Fashion Nova utilised social media to its full potential by working directly with influencers who shared their Fashion Nova purchases to a wider audience.

A slew of celebrity collaborations were quickly implemented as everyone wanted to be part of the innovative brand.

Fashion Nova continue to grow and to work alongside the brightest and the best in their takeover of popular fashion.

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