Explore Some Effective Geotargeting Tips for Maximizing Google Ads ROI

Your pay-per-click ads do not necessarily have to be seen by everybody across the globe. The specific services and products you seem to be advertising would possibly be restricted to just a few nations, city blocks, or cities. It is precisely where geotargeting needs to come in and play a crucial role. According to Neil Patel, geotargeting is supposed to be an active response directly to the geographic location of a user. When a platform or a site determines the location of a visitor, based primarily on his GPS data, Wi-Fi, or IP address, content precisely to that specific location is delivered. This particular location could be a city, state, country, or more.

Local PPC or geotargeting is supposed to be a feature that allows you to target all your search ads so that they appear only to customers based in a specific location or multiple locations, as specified by you. For businesses that are dependent on proximity (for instance, second-hand car dealerships/city), foot traffic (for example, restaurants), and deliveries (for example, online shopping sites that ship to certain nations only), it proves to be beneficial to opt for geotargeting. 

With geotargeting, there is no scope for squandering your advertising budget because of some useless clicks from individuals, who do not belong to your target area. You could effectively boost the chances of more and more eligible people clicking on the ads. Geotargeting is mandatory if you wish to make the maximum possible use of your limited advertising budget.

Do Not Forget to Double-Check All Your Location Options

While setting up your precise geotargeting, you must pay attention to a specific parameter. When you are clicking into the Location Options tab, there are three ways you could target: 1) By Presence, 2) By Search Interest, and 3) By Both Presence & Search Interest.

Focus On Valuable Granular Location Metrics

You may examine and identify which locations are driving the maximum traffic by clicking straightaway on the Locations tag in your second navigation column. You could see standard information and data here like impressions, clicks, average position, and average CPC or cost-per-click since it is very much applicable to all your specified locations. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of precisely where you would be getting the maximum or highest Returns on Investment.

Focus On Seeking Out & Implementing Location-Oriented Negatives

You may consider using the Search Term Report to observe precisely which keyword searches triggered your advertisements. Suppose you notice that some keywords not from your target locations are triggering your advertisements, then you may consider excluding these keywords. You just need to click the checkbox beside them. Then you may select ‘Add’ for adding negative keywords. For instance, you own a car dealership in Pittsburgh, but your ads are triggered whenever there is a search for “new cars Chicago”. You may add “Chicago” to your list of negative keywords.

Do Not Forget to Use Bid Adjustments for Lowering CPA

Suppose your business is on a manual bidding stratagem, you could apply bid adjustments for less or more money per click once you appear to a user at a specified location. The ‘Locations Section’ will be having the bid adjustment column. Here you could apply a positive or negative percentage on top of the original keyword bids relating to the selected area. An instance will be, suppose you are aware that you would be getting a relatively higher return from users within a particular state or city, in such a case, clicks that come from those specific areas could be valued differently by you. 

Remember to Exclude a Few Specific Locations

You may not have to go overboard and exclude all the locations you are not geotargeting. However, you could exclude a particular location that seems to be pretty close to your target. Moreover, you may exclude a specific location, which is essentially disapproval or red-flag issue.

Use Google Trends for Informing Your Geotargeting Stratagem

Google search interests keep changing constantly. Moreover, user needs and priorities have shifted remarkably because of the pandemic. In this context, you may realize that Google Trends is a useful tool that could demonstrate the interest people are having in a specific topic or keyword within a specific geographic area. Hence, you could successfully observe precisely what keywords may work best together with your geotargeting.  

Your Keyword Lists Must Incorporate Regional Terms

Remember that you may include regional terms within your specific keyword lists for obtaining a boost in the overall quality score as your keywords would become more relevant than ever before. For instance, you may try using the term ‘realtors in Boston’ rather than using only “best realtors” since somebody searching locally may most probably be using their precise location as very much an integral part of the precise query.                 

Add the Target Location Name in the Ad Copy

It is a local PPC best practice so that users will know right at the beginning that your business is catering to their location. It would be an added advantage if you could incorporate it into the headline as the matching advertisement text will be in bold. It would help highlight the ad as essentially a local-friendly listing. 

Focus on Leveraging the Power of Call Extensions & Location Extensions

Location extensions are best for displaying the address of your business with the advertisement, while call extensions are great for displaying your business’s phone number. It can never go wrong as it is recognized as a best practice for including ad extensions in the search ad stratagem of your business. Moreover, people who are searching locally are usually seeking immediate information. Hence, these local-specific ad extensions should be making it simpler for prospective buyers to identify you and get in touch with you.


You may follow the above-discussed geotargeting tips for maximizing your Google ad ROIs or you may directly contact to Remember that geotargeting could help in saving you substantial money in terms of local PPC. Moreover, it can be an effective tool for real-time and personalized marketing, trying out brand new markets and also targeting personas within a specific neighborhood. 

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