Entertainment Management Industry: Entertainment management degree and career prospects

degree in entertainment management is ideal for students to want to work in the thriving and happening entertainment industry. It is a management degree that is relatively new and is gaining popularity with the day. This degree teaches management within the entertainment sector.

Aspirants work as managers of entertainment events and manage entertainers. They can work as big entertainment event organizers, music festivals, press gatherings, record labels, publicity etc. A degree in entertainment management focuses on the fundamental principles of law, finance, economics, strategy, event management, publicity et cetera.

What are the career prospects in entertainment management?

  • Event Manager: Marketing, in the entertainment industry, falls under several categories—starting from being a publicist or PR manager and overseeing an artist or artists, companies, etc.
They manage every segment of public communications: writing press releases, engaging with the media, and arranging interviews. Modern marketing also features a lot of digital events, promotions, and management.

You can become an event manager and organize events of various sizes and industries. Oversee the strategic planning, budgeting, and execution as an event manager. Events can be of any type—weddings, festivals, to corporate parties. Event managers are also responsible for organizing the venue, acts, tickets, and timings of events.

  • Artist Manager: With a degree in entertainment management, you can work with and represent an artist or a group of them and oversee every aspect of their career. Artist managers manage the type of projects an artist takes on from a business perspective, manage their schedule, organize meetings with third parties, etc. Managers also provide creative inputs to artists to guide them in their journey.
  • Copyright and Publishing Manager: These are professionals in the entertainment industry who acquire music copyrights and publish a song. They have strong knowledge of copyright laws. As a publisher, they must ensure there has been no copyright infringement. 
  • Tour Manager: A tour manager is responsible for coordinating all the aspects of a tour like booking, budgeting, travel, coordinating all shows throughout a tour. A tour manager is a person, who maintains communication with venues, agents etc. to select acts for an artist/brand and organizing for its appearance. 
  • Booking Agent: To be a successful booking agent, you’ll need enormous skills like excellent speaking and social skills, organization, and intuition. Booking agents are the driving force of the entertainment industry because they are responsible for finding fresh, unique talent. 
  •  They use their people skills and talent to make contacts in the music industry and stay informed on acts to help their clients. It is a high-skilled networking career and also lucrative. A percentage of an actor’s performance is usually charged as a fee. 
  • Venue Manager: As a venue manager, your role is to manage every aspect of a venue: managing the staff, booking events, working with an artist, and tour managers in arranging an act. 

The jobs in the entertainment industry are varied, and there has been a sudden rise in demand for entertainment-based jobs. Sign up on an event management program today and earn a degree.

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