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Enjoy these 12 fascinating indoor activities at your home

Even though you’re currently on vacation at home, you shouldn’t let boredom rule your days. Find some activities to keep yourself busy and active.

Indoor activities are next-level fun; you make and do it yourself! Be it watching something exciting on your Smart TV, being busy doing home chores or playing some indoor games, every indoor thing has their own charm.

These 12 activities will convince you that being at home doesn’t mean you can’t even do something:

Balancing the Balloon:

This simple indoor game for youngsters is enjoyable and requires little setup. All you have to do is blow a few balloons and turn it into a game. Keep the balloon from touching the ground.

Use a fan to blow the balloon around to up the excitement of this indoor pastime. The kids will have to act rapidly to reach the balloon as a result of this.

Hula Hoop

Remember that ring we used to move around our waist and always failed to attempt, still makes me nostalgic, Let’s make the generation do it themselves. It takes a lot of skill to be flexible enough to keep the hoop in the air; it’s not just a hoop around the waist. In addition to being enjoyable for all age groups, it also strengthens the body’s core. What do you call doing double duty?

Climb Mountains

If the cushions on your couch are removable, remove them and arrange them in a heap on the floor. Pillows can also be added to the pile. Building pillow forts and leaping or rolling on the couch and pillow cushions are both terrific activities!

Table Tennis

You may convert almost any table or bench in your home suitable for a table tennis competition. Speed and reflexes are put to the test in the double-player game, which also helps to develop such abilities.


Due to how entertaining it can be, a sport like darts can almost be considered a party game. It can be played by many people on a bigger scale and even as a team game, but it only demands accuracy and minimal extra work.

Indoor Football

Indoor Football, which is played by hands, is the favourite game of the boys. This game gained popularity with the television programme Friends, which scales down soccer and tests the reaction times of two players to score goals.


Here’s one for the smart people. Chess requires little physical effort because it is entirely a game of skill and strategy unless you count the sweat that will gather on your forehead while you wait for your partner to make a move.

Watching Sports Online:

Instead of just watching cartoons, you can watch Sports online on your Smart TV as well. Let’s get more productive, this will increase your knowledge in sports as well as your potential. Kayo sports is the best sports channel I have come across, but unfortunately, it is restricted to Australia only, but you don’t worry if you are residing in USA, guess what? Here is how you can still access Kayo Sports in USA.


Carrom is so much more than what first appears to be the case. Although it may appear straightforward, the four-player game is all about technique and having the ideal amount of strength to load the pockets with cash.

Freeze Dance

The main focus of frozen dance is dancing, as the name suggests. Play some music, then let your children dance whatever they like. The music will then stop. They must stop moving as soon as the music stops.

When the music stops, tell your kids to freeze into various stances, such as those of animals or letters, to up the ante of this game. Then, begin a freeze pose guessing game. Playing this game is ideal for recharge after engaging in homeschooling activities.

Indoor Bowling

Anywhere in your home may be turned into a bowling alley. To set up as pins and a ball, you can use stacked Solo cups, paper towel rolls, or plastic bottles. Try these two approaches using plastic bottles to make indoor bowling even more enjoyable!

Add glitter, coloured rice, little noodles, and water to plastic bottles.

Glow sticks and water-filled plastic bottles in a bowl at night. In addition, use a light-up ball when turning out the lights.

Play the Action:

Here’s to another fun activity that requires your memory only and no other object. Decide what movie, song or character you would play and the other one has to guess! Sounds fun, right?

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These fun activities might have taken you back to your childhood, am I right? Let’s bring this in practice again to maintain the same energy level that we used to have as a child.

Try these fun activities at your home, with your kids or your loved ones and do let us know in the comments that did you enjoy? 😉

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