Do People Use The Yellow Pages Anymore – Is It Worth The Money

If you’re old enough, you probably remember the old manual phonebook. This was an actual book with phone numbers for almost everyone who wanted to be listed. Yellow pages were at the helm of the phonebook industry, but the digital age has changed that. Yellow pages haven’t died, though, as much as you’d assume it is. It is still an old classic and has value to some still listed there. But is it worth it, and do people still use it? Those are some of the few questions people ask regarding Yellow pages.

Yellow Pages to Digital

In the past, in the day of the print phonebook, you needed to have a page on the or an ad on the phone book if you had a business. But the print one has been obsolete thanks to the digital phonebook. But Yellow Pages have moved to the digital space over the years. The company couldn’t remain in the past as they’d have died. Today, you can find Yellow Pages online, and you’ll get it as an online directory on the web. You can find anything you want there, and they even have sub-categories such as dining and grocery, among others.

For Business

There was no doubt you needed to use Yellow Pages to get ahead in your business in the past. Today, though, you’ll be conflicted even if you understand that yellow pages still exist. So, should you have your business listed on Yellow Pages? The idea behind Yellow Pages moving online is to ensure they become a leader as a directory for small and medium businesses. Here, what they seek to achieve is to ensure the companies get more visitors and calls in. Of course, you could get better results with digital marketing from King Kong, but why not add a Yellow pages listing to your online arsenal? When you are listed in the directory, you get several options. But the main categories you want to be involved in include free listing and priority placement. Here, you will either get to the front of your customer base early or later.

Priority (Paid Listing)

Like before, you can choose where your business comes up in the directory. When you opt for the paid listing, you need to keep in mind where your business will appear on the guide – at the front. If you want customers to see your business when they get to any category, you need to go for the paid ones. The business will come in at the top of here.

Free Listing

When you opt for a free listing, the customer will need to search more to get your business. Here, the company won’t have priority for Yellow Pages categories. The good thing is that as long as the customer searches, they’ll still find your business listed in the directory.

Should You List Your Business?

It all depends on what you are looking to achieve should you be listed in the directory. When it comes to paying, it’s all about the presentation when it comes to business, and you can get more through it.

It’s Not Dead

Yellow Pages isn’t dead and buried; you can still use it to ensure your business grows. Their online move ensured they were more in touch with the digital world. Today, this is one of the leading online directories, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

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