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Picking up the phone and making a sales call isn’t always viable in a global marketplace. Business professionals can often not have a voice call or in-person contact due to time zone variations. In addition, recruiting Tele callers involves a considerable cost and often comes off as irritating to prospective customers. 

If this is the case, you’ll have little choice but to rely on email marketing as a sales tool. However, the lack of choice will in no way affect your revenue.

In fact, on the contrary, according to Statista’s research, the global market for email marketing is worth a staggering $7.5 billion in 2020. Furthermore, according to the report, the market is expected to grow to $17.9 billion by 2027.

It’s critical to keep email sales pitches short and sweet. You don’t want to ramble at the very worst. Instead, approach your prospect by name, build a relationship, and make a convincing pitch before they think of pressing the delete key.

In today’s blog, we shall help you discover how to write excellent email marketing messages that your prospect reads and acts on (at a larger ratio) while avoiding typical pitfalls.

Mastering the Art of Writing a Winning Email Pitch:

Here go the best tips from Marketing ninjas to help you optimize and skyrocket conversion while minimizing the pricing factors:

Expression of the Brand:

If you want to create effective email marketing messages, you must first establish your brand. Unfortunately, even the most talented and dedicated innovators are frequently too close to their work to objectively assess their unique obstacles, distinguish strengths and the ever-changing environment of their customer base.

Why Does a Campaign Fail?

There are 4 solemn reasons why your campaign has not worked out

  • The focus of that campaign was probably on the product/ service entirely. The benefits added by the products to the customers’ lives are entirely neglected or not given due priority.
  • The mails were either too short, too lengthy, or too ambiguous.
  • You have delivered the incorrect pitch to the incorrect segmented group, or the suppression list was not taken care of.
  • It was neither timely nor appealing enough to convert leads into customers.

Each of these obstacles may be solved uniquely. It all depends on the sort of lead you’re dealing with and the goods or services you’re attempting to pitch. You aim to improve lead generation through the sales emails you send out. Begin by conducting research, which is the first and the most vital step.

A Thorough Evaluation of Prospects

To show that you value your email list, ensure your research is authentic and appealing. Give prospects the idea that you cared about their problems.

While composing your sales email pitch, know who you’re writing to, what matters to them, and leverage their demands as a point of connection.

An Emotional Appeal Using the Subject Line

A generic, cliché email subject line will kill the deal. Your prospects might not even bother to open your email at all.

After all, you can’t make the sale if your target audience doesn’t even read the email. That’s why the most critical aspect of any email sales pitch is a fascinating tagline. A great subject line is composed of the following three main components:

  1. Convey the needs of readers. User-Centric, not Seller Centric.
  2. Make an emotional appeal and promise value to the audience.
  3. Make it a concise and power-packed hook.

Power-Packed Content: Beyond the Headline

Now that you’ve piqued your reader’s interest, your online sales pitch should go right to the point and conclude with a forceful call to action.

That’s a lot harder than it appears. You’re up against many competitors, and your prospect is preoccupied with other things like a meeting, a paper to write, a project to begin, or having to fill the coffee mug.

Your goal is to make the receiver of your message forget about their other obligations long enough to go through and respond to your email. You can do so by:

  • Identifying an issue.
  • Explaining the solution.
  • Requesting something easy and actionable from your reader that will give them some value.

You’re halfway there if you can sneak your email past spam filters, both automated and manual, and dissuade your receiver from deleting it. The second part is determining which sorts of email sales pitches are appropriate for the occasion and then crafting a successful pitch depending on the data you have gathered.

Mastering 5 Different Kinds of Email Marketing Pitches:

Specific sales proposals are better than others in a given situation to acquire a specific result. You may use various techniques depending on a variety of factors, like your rapport with the receiver and what action you want the recipient to take when they finish reading your pitch.

The 5 different pitches are:

  1. Warm Pitch
  2. Cold Pitch
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Appointment Setting
  5. Closing Letter

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Final Note

Keep your mail as minimal as possible while delivering tons of information. Every line must assist the customer in making a choice. Include no extraneous material, fluff, or weird facts. Take help of a reputed email marketing agency if you have budget and don’t have time to execute entire campaign

Share with us the story of your best successful pitch!

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