Best Mailroom Scanners in 2022

There are many types of mailroom scanners available in the market. These scanners can be used to read documents and X-rays. Some are also used as document conveyors. You can select from a variety of formats for the saved documents. These include PDFs and TIFFs. The data from mailroom scanners can be delivered to the customers electronically.

X-ray scanners

Using X-ray scanners in mailrooms is an important part of mailroom security. While modern technology has largely replaced the physical transportation of messages, it is still necessary to ensure the safety of mailroom staff. X-ray security scanners are inexpensive and easy to install. Additionally, they have remote networking capabilities and allow you to share images with others.

X-ray scanners for mailrooms use sophisticated imaging technology to scan different kinds of mail and determine if it contains threats. The machines are available in various sizes and technological capabilities. Because of the many different options, choosing the right one can be tricky.

Document scanners

Document scanners for mailrooms have a range of functions. They can handle incoming customer paper with great image quality and high scanning speeds. There are also high-end models designed for high-volume scanning. These models are not only efficient but also reduce the cost of paper documents. They can also be used as a digital mailroom.

Choosing a document scanner for mailroom processing depends on the needs of the organization. Mailroom management may involve a variety of tasks such as attaching documents to carrier pages, adding separator sheets, and checking mail for order and quality. Employees may also need to review scanned documents for readability and check to make sure they are fed correctly.

Conveyor scanners

Conveyor x-ray scanners are a quick solution for parcel and baggage screening. They can detect items such as weapons, explosives, drugs, primers, and other dangerous items. These machines also have the benefit of automatic identification of threats. They can be used in airports, mailrooms, and public buildings.

Conveyor scanners have several benefits over cabinet-style scanners. They are typically larger and can process bulkier mail. They are also more space-efficient and safer to operate. Conveyor scanners are also available in portable models. They use backscatter technology to create images based on radiation measurements taken from an object’s surface.

In addition to being cheaper than a dedicated x-ray system, they also have more powerful imaging capabilities. They can detect items up to 1.6mm thick and can magnify images up to 96x. Some also have automatic alerts, an uninterruptible power supply, vibration-absorbing features, and atomic number identification capabilities.

Document X-ray scanners

Document X-ray scanners for mail rooms are a great way to secure your mailroom and prevent mail theft. These devices can be very versatile in that they can scan multiple materials. You can select from different models to suit your specific needs. There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right mailroom X-ray scanner.

MR50: A high-definition, small footprint conveyor x-ray scanner that can be positioned anywhere in your mailroom. This model has a low maintenance cost and a simple user interface through a 22-inch touchscreen monitor. High-resolution images help you identify objects with better clarity. For example, the Negative Image Function can help you identify items with a high density, such as plastic. Other features include Medium Density Alert and 3 Point Density Alert.

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Radiation detection equipment

Radiation detection equipment for mailroom scanners can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. Mailroom scanners can be used to screen for various materials, such as biological, inorganic, and metallic. They require minimal maintenance and operator training. Some mailroom scanners even feature an action plan that can help you determine the best solution for your facility.

One important factor in determining the right radiation detection equipment for mailroom scanners is the volume of mail the mailroom receives on a daily basis. For low-volume mailrooms, a single-view scanner may be sufficient. In other environments, a dual-view scanner may be required. It is also important to consider how large the package is and how much space is available in the mailroom.

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