Average salaries in the US for the most in-demand professions

About 330 million citizens live in North America, the territory is divided into 50 states and the Federal District of Columbia. Also subordinate to the United States are the Virgin Islands and some more. According to statistics, about 120 million people receive an average salary, the rest the minimum or much higher. If we look at the states and professions, then there is a dissonance, in some places the salaries are very high, in others they are relatively meager. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Average salary of a doctor

All over the world, medical workers are highly valued. It is worth saying that America has always been an attractive country for qualified professionals, and it boasts the best service. Here, medical clinics are equipped with the most modern equipment and comfortable conditions for patients. Dentistry is developed at a high level. Innovative developments most often appear first in America and then spread to other countries. Admittedly, the US often sets the trend in this area.

Most of the state budget is spent on funding the USA Healthcare, which is why doctors receive the highest salaries. The maximum annual income can reach up to $250,000. Such figures are found in the most affluent states – Maryland, New Jersey, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts. The lowest is in New Mexico, South Carolina, Montana. The annual income of doctors in poor regions is about $100,000.

Average teacher salary

A teacher in the USA is one of the most sought-after professions, which is also well paid. A large number of schools, colleges, and higher institutions implement the educational system on the territory of the country. There are also many kindergartens, where educators of different levels are accepted. Language and vocational training and retraining courses, which also require teachers, have become widespread. Teaching in schools requires a bachelor’s degree; colleges and universities require a master’s or postgraduate diploma.

Factors that influence teacher salaries include:

-type of educational institution – in private places, earnings are higher than in public ones;

-the prestige of the school, college, university according to established American standards;

-location – in some states, the salary is an order of magnitude higher than in regions with a weak economy;

-experience in work, in the first years they pay the minimum salary, after 5 years – average, the highest after 10 years;

-qualification of the teacher – level of education, additional training.

Separately, it should be noted that a US citizen can work independently, without the need to apply to the staff of a university or high school. This means that they can teach at different institutions at the same time. To do this, you must pass a special exam and obtain a License, the document is classified into format: one city or across the country. Payment for such specialists is the most generous, but the disadvantage is the annual examination and renewal of the License.

If we take states or cities into account, then there is a great demand for teachers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia. Here, the normal income ranges from $5000-7500 per month, depending on the category of teaching. In such states as Texas, Ohio, Missouri, and other cities with a population of 200 thousand people, the teacher’s salary is 2 times less and reaches the figure of $2300-4000 per month. In regions with a lower standard of living, there are no large universities; kindergartens, schools, and colleges form the basis of education. The average number of hours worked as a USA teacher is 1314 hours per year, which is below the standards of other employees who spend 1928 hours on the job.

Average programmer salary

Every year, universities graduate a large number of IT professionals who dream of working in the most famous American companies: Apple, Walmart, Facebook, Amazon, Snap Inc., Airbnb. Some people manage to realize their dream and be accepted into the state, while others do not. But don’t worry too much. For those who are not accepted, the doors are also open to many large and medium-sized firms in the USA. Not a single modern electronic service can do without the development of programmers. In the international version, it is customary to call them Software Engineer. To master such specialization is very prestigious, it is also promising in terms of getting high earnings.

In the world, the demand for IT employees is only growing and there is still no hint of a downward trend. America, as a leader in the Internet industry and technology, is interested in the smartest programmers and makes offers that are hard to refuse. If we refer to the data of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, then the average earnings per year for a programmer in the country is $105,090. Such income is typical for states with cities:

-California – Los Altos, Cupertino, Menlo Park, San Francisco;

-Minnesota – Minneapolis St. Paul;

-Virginia – Lahore;

-New York – New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse;

-Illinois – Chicago;

-District of Columbia – Washington.

Small states such as Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan most often require system administrators. Narrow-profile

specialists in such places receive from $35,000-45,000 per year. 

Average salary of a police officer

The work of a police officer is one of the honorable and very dangerous professions in the United States. For her, you need to have strong physical data, a large arsenal of knowledge, prof. skills and mental health. Over 300 million people live in the country and the carrying of weapons is legal, therefore, the best candidates who have passed the American Army and graduated from the Police Academy are selected. The income for such a profession on average annual terms ranges from $52,000-60,700. The salary depends on education, experience, merit received, also on the state, and the annual income is also classified according to the degree of education.

Average Engineer Income

Engineering is one of the most in-demand occupations in the US. Engineers are required for production, construction, IT technology, research centers. There are many areas where workers with technical education may still be needed. The median salary is $ 85,720, in rubles – 5,503,224. Such an annual income is received in developed states, in economically weak states they pay 2 times less.

Average salary of a waiter

There are simply a huge number of catering outlets in America. A high supply rate indicates high demand. Americans rarely cook at home, this is one of the features of their culture. Therefore, cafes, restaurants, food courts, McDonald’s, coffee houses, bakeries, and much more work everywhere. And for any budget. Due to a large number of immigrants, establishments of a wide variety of cuisines are open: Italian, Japanese, European, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern. Therefore, waiters are required everywhere. The advantage is that you can work without official employment and even for a few hours. In the long term, applicants are more demanding. There are many vacancies in such regions and with an annual income:

Arizona $65,000;

Wisconsin $52,000;

Rhode Island $45,000;

Massachusetts $45,000;

Florida $40,950;

California $39,000;

Minnesota $31,688;

Oregon $29,738;

New York $29,250;

Nevada $26,813;

Pennsylvania $26,000;

Virginia $25,399;

Maryland $23,546;

North Carolina $23,400;

Colorado $23,400;

Texas $23,400;

Washington $23,400;

Hawaii $23,312;

Illinois $22,152;

Oklahoma $21,879;

South Carolina $21,557;

Tennessee $21,450;

Kentucky $21,177;

Missouri $20,729;

Arkansas $20,612;

New Jersey $20,475;

Michigan $19,500;

Georgia $19,188;

Ohio $18,525;

Montana $16,575.

The average salary ranges from $16112-26155, hourly wages start at $13.33. Ordinary people without higher education and special skills apply for such earnings. To receive large amounts, you need to be a qualified waiter, they receive up to $ 44,150 per year.

Average truck driver salary

Forwarding drivers, truckers, truck drivers are a very popular profession in the United States, an industrial country, and have a large trade turnover within the country and externally with Canada and Mexico. Driving a large truck requires a CDL class A (Commercial Driver License). The median income is $45825-58500 or $30 per hour. In the states of Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia, truckers earn up to $300 thousand a year, the lowest salaries in Lusiana, Montana, Idaho are within $15 thousand.

The average salary of a builder

Numerous constructions, reconstructions are widespread in America, so both qualified and unskilled forces are required. The salary of an American worker can reach $19600-35500 per year, $18 per hour. Salary growth begins after advanced training, experience increase and amounts to $59,670.

US minimum wage

The minimum wage depends on the rate, which has not changed for 10 years. Thus, in 2019, Americans and other officially employed persons are required to pay at least $ 7.25 per hour, but this only applies to officially registered employees. Employees are allowed to pay less. These include laborers, nannies, nurses, couriers, telephone operators, fishermen, as well as part-time students. The smallest low rate is from $4.25-5.85. According to official data, such salaries are received by residents and non-residents of the USA, their total number is 20 million citizens.

This study was conducted by jooble company

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