A Detailed Guide to Social Media Video Advertising for Beginners

Do you know that videos on social media get 1200% more share than any text and image combined? Unbelievable, isn’t it? 

This is just a single stat that explains the power of video marketing. There’s so much to discover when it comes to understating the scope of videos on social media.

According to the sprout social survey, more than 54% of marketing experts suggest that videos are the most valuable asset for achieving social media marketing goals.

These stats show how video marketing can do wonders for any brand, making the content easily shareable online. Social media marketing has already become essential for online marketing, and now with over 800 billion views every day only on Instagram and Facebook, videos are here to stay for the long run. 

How Social Media Videos Work for Businesses


So, just by utilizing a video marketing strategy, you can double your conversion and increase a brand’s standing on social media. 

If you haven’t been using videos as your advertising on social media, here is why your social media is lacking engagement.

Videos Build Trust & Awareness

Sure. You have been posting text and image content across social media accounts for a very long time, and it’s been working well for your business. What’s next? Do you just want to maintain average traffic, or is your goal to reach people by clicking on product and service pages?

Video content takes your social media game to its next level and helps build the trust of your existing customer base with the information. You can spread brand awareness with tutorials and animated explainer videos to the potential customers who skipped your image content before.

Video Helps in SEO

Creating videos for social media marketing accelerates the SEO practices that your marketing team performs. The goal of SEO is to bring traffic and generate leads as much as possible, and videos make it easier. Once Google has noticed your video content, your website starts to show within the top-ranked ones in the search results.

There are hundreds of ways you can promote those social media videos to boost organic traffic on the website and get leads faster than before.

Videos Drive Conversion 

Last year more than 93% of businesses agreed to get customers through social media video, and that’s not it. In addition, 88 percent of marketing professionals have received higher ROIs with video advertising efforts.

If these stats are not enough to stun you, check out GoPro & Nike social media accounts loaded with fantastic video content with millions of likes and comments. 

How to Create Successful Social Media Video Strategy


Now that you know the scope of videos on social media and their effectiveness, here is how you can create videos that are scalable, shareable, and entertain the audience.

1) Identify Your Goals

What is it that you want from social media? Is it the brand or leads, or do you just want your audience to be informed?

Whatever your goals are, don’t try to do it all without having an objective. Instead, have clear goals, so the marketing team creates a script accordingly. 

2) Choose Suitable Social Media Channels

Every platform has its video format for different niches. Therefore, you don’t have to post on every social media platform available online. Instead, choose the most trending ones where people spend most of their time, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and most recommended, YouTube, for better results.

3) Utilize Different Video Types

Types Of Social Media Video Content


Before starting with the social media videos, you should know the scope and types of video content to leverage the best for your business. Here are the most popular social media videos you can post on popular channels.

1. Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the real reason why social media videos have gone beyond expectations. Instagram and Facebook video marketing offer results that could make a small business a brand overnight.

  • Product Demos

Creating videos that showcase your product and lead viewers to purchase is always a good idea. Hence, product demos are for Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Facebook videos.

For instance, you can shoot a 360-degree product demonstration, showing various positions as Adidas does.

  • Influencers Videos

The idea of influencer marketing is impactful and inescapable. Of course, you might have to pay for influencer marketing, but the reach of such videos is higher than usual video content.

All you need is the right person to promote your product with a convincing tone and genuine connections with the audience.

  • Product Launch & Reveals

Social media is the best place for announcements to create a buzz even before the product is launched. For example, you can run ads with a 15-second teaser of a new product, using the best settings, graphics, and soundtracks.

As a result, the product becomes popular before its launch, and the chances of increased sales also get higher. Tutorials & Explainer videos also work on Instagram, but they are more of a YouTube thing due to the longer duration (Around 2-3 minutes).

2. YouTube

Though YouTube is considered best of all video categories, explainers, tutorials, and how-to videos are best suited for the second-largest website after Google.

The key to creating explainer videos is to offer solutions to a problem. With your product or service, you can resolve their issues and create highly engaging explainers, leading to CTAs and conversion.

With animation, be it text or graphic animation, your explainer should be able to entertain viewers, making them visit your channel over and over again.

The same goes with tutorials and how-to videos where you are trying to help with how a product or service works and the main features of that specific product.

Not to mention how YouTube’s SEO features give all the insight and engagement you want.

  • Live streaming/ Interviews-

Live streaming and interviews are popular, interactive, and fun social media content. Viewers interact with the brand owner to ask questions or attend live product launch events via social media.

Apart from these, LinkedIn Videos, Tik-Tok, Twitter, and Snapchat are popular social media platforms where you can post a suitable video category that works for your marketing purpose.

4) Make It Short, Crisp & Entertaining 

Once you have created a video script, make sure the creatives are clear and engaging, whether you use animation or human action for the videos. Make the videos short, and don’t exceed the video for more than 2 minutes.

5) Choose the Right Schedule & Locations

Another important factor while creating social media videos is to post the content at the most appropriate time. Instagram and Facebook allow marketers to choose the specific target audience from the desired location, and recently, you get suggested time to post the videos.

Furthermore, post scheduling helps reach your customers online at the right time, so they notice your video.

6) Power of Analytics & Research

Last but not least, you must take advantage of the social media insights to understand your content’s success and the improvements to be made. Each platform offers metrics for your previous posts, which helps create an effective content strategy.

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Final Words

Find the right tools and people to create videos now that you know how video content can increase your brand’s success on social media. Choose someone experienced and professional to understand your needs for the best user experience.

Author Bio :

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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