8 Reasons why your Restaurant Needs an App

Today we propose an article that will clarify for restaurantburgerpizza and take-away food owners in general why they need an APP to grow and strengthen their business against their most direct competitors.

1. Customers spend more when using online or mobile applications

Simply put, it’s a proven fact that customers order more food when they order online.

Having an app developer create a unique mobile app for your restaurant can improve customer satisfaction and streamline the ordering process

2. Customers are already using apps to order food at home

Over 40% of customers have already ordered food online. It’s easyfast, and convenient for the customer.

3. Keeps your business “up to date”

In general, the foodservice industry is well aware of the potential of food delivery apps. In fact, 70% of restaurateurs think this is a very promising innovation, leading to a critical point, and restaurants in Savannah, GA are up to these new changes.

4. Your competitors may have positioned themselves ahead of you

20% of fast food restaurants already allow customers to order from their mobile applications. Are your competitors taking orders from customers who would instead order from you?

5. You can share information and generate business

About 40% of customers state that they would like to receive a daily email from their favourite restaurant with details of the day’s specials. An ordering app can include this feature and allow you to stay in touch (and on the mind) of your customers. On the other hand, the APP’s will enable you to carry out loyalty campaigns through the use of discount COUPONS in a totally automatic way, which contributes not only to have new customers but also to building loyalty to old ones.

6. Orders through mobile phones encourage repeat customers in your business

The orders of users through mobile applications are more frequent orders through other means. Therefore, not only do mobile apps provide you with larger orders, but you will also get more orders. Therefore, mobile ordering applications allow you to maximize the value of each customer in the long term.

Orders through mobile apps can account for a significant percentage of your business

Some of the big chains get 25% or more of their orders through mobile devices. Mobile ordering is not just a trickle; they are an essential part of the business. In fact, some restaurants consider this new line of business so important that they dedicate a part of their kitchen exclusively for online orders and through mobile devices.

You will obtain more incredible benefits

Considering all the above, the conclusion is that these applications are a safe bet: ordering applications will directly mean that your restaurant generates more significant profits. With a small investment, you get a new stream of benefits that will help you attract new customers and retain old customers.

Taking reservations over the phone has been effective over the years as a method of making reservations at many businesses and still is. But cutting-edge technologies are favoured by customers, and more accessible and efficient ways are being developed to help companies make profits, one of which is booking online.

Why not have another formula so that customers can communicate with your business? For example, if customers can only book over the phone, customers may avoid your business and, in turn, book with the competitor.

In fact, a specific reservation service implemented by a particular restaurant for mobile devices reports that certain restaurants are getting 12% of their reservations online, with a third of them coming from mobile devices.

The more obstacles you put in the way of the client or potential client when making a reservation, the less chance you will have of them making it. And that’s it in today’s world of supply and demand: the smallest tasks become real obstacles.

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  • They have to look for the phone number
  • Have to mark it
  • They need coverage to make the call
  • They need to be in a quiet place to make the call
  • “Social anxiety” of having to talk to a stranger
  • Be put “on hold.”


  • It’s fast; shortens steps compared to calling
  • Easily accessible from smartphones
  • Customers like
  • They need to be in a quiet place to make the call
  • Another way to manage reservations

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