2021 Guide to Highly Effective Air Conditioning

With the right air conditioner, you’ll never have to worry about things like leaks, irregularities in temperature, or odour. Thankfully, most models have evolved over the years to become machines that last long and can function without much interaction at all.

But like all home appliances, a little maintenance here and there, sometimes by a professional, is needed to ensure smooth operation. However, there exist steps that you can take to sustain an effective air conditioning run.

Take a look at the tips below to keep your air conditioner in great shape:

1. Don’t Extend the life of Temporary Filters

Although you might be itching to push those disposable filters to their max, doing this too often could lead to some serious issues down the line. The most likely is increased pollutants in the air that you breathe. And by pollutants, this means fungal spores, airborne pathogens, dust particles, and residue left behind by insects. All of these can create allergies or even more debilitating problems. Asthma, bronchitis, and wheezing are some of them. The average time a disposable filter lasts is about one to three months.

Anything over is a bad thing to do. The dust that accumulates inside of an unchanged filter could make its way back toward your unit.

When using a ductless AC system, clogging may change the temperature and render the AC unable to keep a lasting temperature, especially in hot weather. But with centralized ducts, their interior could become dirty fast, resulting in odours that are difficult to neutralize without a thorough cleanup job.

2. Keep the Condenser Fins Straight

Condenser fins are the little metal pieces on an AC that resemble radiator grilles on automobiles. They both have identical functions, which are to move air into a home’s interior.

It happens when the air cools by an arranged set of conditioner coils. If the fins become flattened, the AC must work harder to continue getting air to the inside, requiring more energy and working with less efficiency.

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The fins can flatten as they age, mainly from debris, animals, and people touching them. Yet to move them to their original position is easy to do with a fin comb. They’re easy to find, though finding one that works well enough to be reused after the first time is hard, considering many consist of plastic.

3. Don’t Overuse It

One example of this is window AC units. Many aren’t strong enough to cool an area that ventures outside of the room where installed. Running it at maximum power for a long time can lower its efficacy in cooling the area. A shortened life for the AC would follow.

ACS with central ventilation is usually able to withstand running at the max without risk of breaking down. Regardless, keep the high settings to a minimum, especially if you’re not staying in a region that justifies it.

Be Creative to Keep Your AC Efficient

It doesn’t mean that you should do anything that would damage the system. But linking the AC to your router could open up control with your other appliances, including some smart TVs. Or buy permanent filters to keep you from having to change them out every near-quarter of the year. You’ll end up with an AC that lasts for many years, keeping the energy costs low.

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